Nuimo: Seamless Smart Home Control

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  • Designed for a Smarter Life

    Nuimo is an intuitive controller for your computer and connected devices.

  • Simple

    Nuimo is intuitive, keeping your attention where it belongs - not on your technology. 

  • Name
  • Name
  • Connected

    Nuimo uses Bluetooth to connect to your favorite devices and applications - with a battery life you'll love. 

  • Open

    Nuimo is freely programmable, make it as unique as you are. 

  • Name
  • Tangible Controls

    Nuimo features a click button, capacitive touch and 360 analog ring. 

  • Gesture Control

    Nuimo can respond to gesture-based inputs for touchless control. 

  • Visual Feedback

    The LED indicator lets you switch apps and show feedback when you need it.

Hundreds of Applications

Nuimo connects to what you care about, with 30+ integrations out of box and more built everyday. 

  • Streamline Your Smart Home

    Control your favorite connected devices - at once. 

  • Name
  • Music

    Nuimo gives you quick access to skip songs, turn up the volume and more.

  • Lights

    Nuimo works with lights to make smart control as simple as flipping a switch.

  • Computer

    Nuimo is the perfect addition to your computer for precision and speed. 

Technology with Humans at the Center

Interacting with technology in your home should be seamless - that's why we built Nuimo. 

  • Design Meets Technology

    Nuimo was designed and made in Germany using only the highest quality materials. 

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  • Connectivity

    Compatible with Bluetooth devices, smartphones, computers and smart home hubs.

  • Rechargable Battery

    The rechargable lipo battery features an average life of 4 months for each charge.

  • Quality Materials

    Made with anodized aluminum and scratch resistant polycarbonate touch surface. 

Go Ahead, Put Away Your Smartphone 

Nuimo makes it easier to control your smarthome through our tangible controller.  

Made with Qards